The Fourth Industrial Revolution, commonly known as Industrial 4.0 in Germany was introduced by a German economist, Klaus Schwab in 2015. It corporates advanced sensors, machine-to-machine communication links, 3-D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and cloud computing technology. These cyber-physical platform monitor factory processes and make decentralised, self governing decisions, leading to “intelligent" or “smart" factories. Industry 4.0 covers the entire value chain, including suppliers, procurement, design, logistics and even sales, resulting in higher productivity and flexibility. There will be less wastage or storage, better monitoring and maintenance of machinery, and improved security and safety.

Smart Manufacturing is the catchphrase nowadays in Malaysia’s media coverage. This has been further reaffirmed that we are in the process of formulating the National Industry 4.0 Blueprint, which is expected to be ready before the end of 2017. 

According to the Minister of MITI, more than 5,000 multinational companies (MNCs) in Malaysia have embraced the challenges of the technological evolution. Based on research conducted by PwC, Industry 4.0 sees a promising future in the digitization of products and services and means of robotic manufacturing and engineering – companies expect to reduce operational costs by 3.6% per annum while increasing efficiency by 4.1% annually – over the course of five years.

There is a lot to be said however, Malaysia is still lagging behind Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar in the pecking order which they already have Industry 4.0 policy frameworks. With only three years left to 2020, most of the companies have started to generate new applications and find ways to leverage on these technologies to their competitive advantages – that are not only beneficial to consumers but also profitable to the market.

Bringing the Industrial 4.0 to AUTOMEX

As the organiser of the largest machine tools and metalworking trade show, we felt it is vital to take the lead by bringing together the local and international companies all under one roof to experience the revolution.
AUTOMEX is the only platform which showcase the Industrial 4.0 technology and organise seminar activities that covers all of major industrial smart manufacturing topics. 

The exhibitors will demonstrate how machines and work with human workers and offers support in factories. More than 2,000 participating companies and over 21,000 trade professionals, decision-makers, potential buyers and partners from over 40 countries are expected to attend the show.