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Seminar Programme last updated: 9 May 2019

Smart Manufacturing for the M&E Industry

Dr. Mohd. Shahrul Azmi B. Mohd. Yusoff
Director, Industrial Centre of Innovation, Smart Manufacturing SIRIM Industrial Research
SIRIM Berhad
Dr. Mohd. Shahrul Azmi B. Mohd. Yusoff, his PhD was on the study of acoustic detection and signal processing for predictive maintenance. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, his publications includes journals and technology articles. He is currently pursuing advanced research in predictive maintenance using artificial intelligence technique as part on implementation strategy within the I4.0 Centre of Excellence

Using Augmented Reality for Promotion, Training, and Service

Mr. Antonio Argote Bertely
Special Assistant to the General Manager
Yida Precision Machinery Co., Ltd (Hanmerz Machinery Sdn Bhd)
Showcasing a product the size of a machining center traditionally requires expensive and time-consuming transportation. The usual alternative is to paint a picture through printed photographs, diagrams, and dull rows and columns of specifications.A.R. offers a better way to entice prospective customers and help train our partners’ teams.

Additive Manufacturing in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Mr. Shaun Lim
Business Development Manager ASEAN Region
Additive manufacturing is one of the nine pillars of Industry 4.0 and it plays an important role in the future of manufacturing.  In certain industries, it might be a game-changer in how products can perform or be utilised in new applications.  For all forward-looking manufacturers, this is a technology to be adopted to stay ahead of the market.

Dream Technology System Sdn Bhd

Mr Chan Wei Eik
Technology Director
Dream Technology System Sdn Bhd
To be confirmed

Start-up for Industrial 4.0

Mr. Tean Shen Zen
Deputy Sales Account Manager
HIWIN Singapore Pte Ltd
Looking into a smart factory manufacturing in the near future? We are here to share some market experience and some know how on how to start to plan for an Industrial 4.0 ready factory. Focusing on SMEs manufacturing company/factory (Robot Application, Factory Efficient Layout & Improvement by Phase)

Reduce disruption and downtime with improved insights into your enterprise assets

Mr. Neeraj Gupta
Watson IoT Technical Sales Leader- ASEAN
IBM Watson IoT
Use IoT and Plant-floor data to prevent equipment failure, improve reliability and reduce downtime. Reduce risk, lower costs, and improve efficiency by adding the power of IoT, and artificial intelligence to your operations & Enterprise Assets.

Achieving Operational Excellence using a modern ERP System

Mr. Todd Abraham
Business Development Director
Monitor ERP System South East Asia
Operating a production business today without a focused effort to continuously pursue operational excellence negates the point to produce. If we don’t improve, continuously, eventually we will lose out to the competition who does improve and deliver a better level of customer service.
The solution lies in technology, centralised technology feeding all business divisional data into a system like MONITOR ERP from which you can better understand where you need to improve. Join Monitor ERP and learn how a modern ERP system for production can help you highlight your opportunities for improvement.

Monitoring of CNC Machines as The First Step to The Industry 4.0

Mr. Andrey Lovygin
Business Development Director
Do we need to digitize everything analogue at the industrial shop? What should we monitor in the first place? Vibrodiagnostics? Thermal diagnostics? Or pay more attention to monitoring employees? From this presentation you will learn how IIOT solutions help production become more efficient, what the future of MDC systems is, and whether Facebook, Tinder and Uber analogues appear in the world of CNC machines.

Achieving light weight castings through autonomous engineering

Mr. Rachmat Santoso
Magma Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
In today’s competitive metal casting world, everyone strives to produce lighter castings. To tackle this task, one has to start at the very beginning of the product development phase. With the help of MAGMASOFT Autonomous Engineering, we will demonstrate how to produce quality products in a robust process.

Kick start your Industry 4.0 Journey – Growing your Business in the changing business landscape

Mr. Kevin Phang
Regional Manager – Business Solutions Group (S.E.A)
Epicor Software
Manufacturing is in a state of change with Industry 4.0 offering visions of factories of the future, and people, processes and equipment massively connected and automated.  All this will also change business models, impact output and processes across industries, leading to new business and production models, standards and practices. Smart manufacturers will leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to improve operations efficiency and productivity, and as these technologies become mainstream, manufacturers must urgently consider their own digital transformation strategy to stay competitive.  Epicor’s capabilities in automating manufacturing processes – from receiving an eCommerce order to the manufacturing process and tracking via business intelligence software will help illustrate what it means to digitally transform.

Walkthrough Smart Manufacturing on the technologies and its business impact

Mr. Lok Kah Fai
Kaize Invent Sdn. Bhd.
Breaking down the fundamental core of manufacturing from layers of complexity to understand the impact of industrial 4.0 technology. Zoom into the details how IoT technology overcome difficulties in business aspect of manufacturing. Unleashing modern industry productivity by walkthrough real life application to drive impact from operation to business decision.