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Seminar Programme last updated: Monday 26 March 2018

Mitsubishi Electric – Intelligent Robots for Smart Manufacturing

Mr. Royston Kwik
Sales Engineer
Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd
From simple pick-and place-applications, to complex assembly tasks, Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots are equipped with class-leading speed and precision. Coupled with intelligent options like 3D vision, force sensing, seamless PLC and motion control integration, and the ability to operate in “collaborative applications”, Mitsubishi Electric has the robots required for today's demanding manufacturing applications.
Come and join us in this session to find out how you can you can upgrade and automate your manufacturing processes.

Collaborative Robots – Your Co-Workers at Work

Mr. Ix Lee
Regional Sales Development Manager
Universal Robots
Join us at Universal Robots (UR) seminar to learn how you can overcome manufacturing challenges in your businesses with collaborative robots (cobots). Reap more returns by deploying cobots, which optimises your processes, increases efficiency and productivity as well as improves how the way your employees work.

Automation of Intralogistics

Mr. Marck Madsen
Area Sales Manager
Mobile Industrial Robots Pte Ltd & EPCO Precision Sdn Bhd
Using collaborative mobile robots is a relatively new way of automating intralogistics. Inhouse transportation tasks are often still done manually by humans spending valuable time pushing carts from A to B. With the autonomous mobile cobots from market leader MiR these tasks can be automated in a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way.